Sunday, December 16, 2012

What was funny this year?

What cracked me up this year?

My job!  Really this is my job?  Exploring Chicago with people?  AWESOME!

When Ben was 4 weeks old – Jim and I plus Ben happened to be awake at 3 am we made faces at each other for about one hour – funny!

The movie What to Expect when You are expecting – try to watch that movie when you 6 months pregnant and not laugh!

How much I love superheros – people think its Jim thing, but I love them too!

The time our foster daughter asked Jim how the boys were doing during a Jim and the boys day and Jim said – Good, we are at Target!  She responded, “Are they dressed?”

One day I took the boys to a park to play.  They kept asking me if they could “be nice!”  I kept saying, “Oh yes, be nice.”  Then I realized they were calling the dogs that were being walked or let loose in the park “Be nice”  They wanted to pet the dogs.  Since whenever they would pet our cat, we would say Be nice to MJ – they hadn’t known anything but Be Nice!  It was FUNNY!

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