Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favorite Book

Favorite book this year?

I am not a fiction reader.  I have read some great fiction – but generally I find myself reading non-fiction.  My husband, boss and many friends have told me/bribed me of the awesomeness of fiction.  I never say bad stuff about fiction, just not my thing. However,

The best books I read this year was (embarrassingly) Fifty Shades of Grey.

I read awesome books of theology, race, neighborhoods empowered, and local economies.  So why Fifty Shades?

In the middle of the summer working 15-16 hour days, reading anything longer than a page isn’t really in the plan.  I wondered what all the hoopla was about.  I (gasp) haven’t read any vampire series, lord of the rings, The Hunger Games, or even the Harry Potter books.  Even though I don’t have the desire to read these series- I always feel a little left out.  So, the Fifty Shades series allowed me to read some fiction for a change and feel like a “normal” reading person.

Being a social justicey person sometimes makes me crazy weird.  Being pregnant was stressful enough, it was fun for a change to read the current hit book.  Often I feel a little off, and most of the time I am thankful and honored and proud of who I am – but every once in awhile I want to be on top of the latest trend! 

O.K. – I didn’t just lie – but everyone should read My Black Year by Maggie Anderson (my other favorite book of the year) and have interesting conversations around Home Girl and Does this Church Make Me Look Fat?


Dana said...

Krista - I love the way you're answering the questions! Each one gets transformed just a little in your answer, from a fluffy self-focused reflection (I half-wrote those questions, so I'm only insulting myself, I guess) to something more meaningful and deep.

AND, I'm reading Does This Church Make Me Look Fat right now - let's have good conversations!

Krista said...

Its a deal Dana!