Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Who was your teacher this year?

I come from a family of teachers.  I was taught to always be learning.  A great thing.  I try to learn things from all folks – but I am taking out my work and sharing some of the personal teachers I have this year.

Jim –  In so many ways, we are as opposite as we can be.  Jim has taught me this year in how to creatively solve problems, laugh in the face of hardship, and how to stay calm when needed.  He is a great parent – he knows how to be on kid time and he taught me how to do that better this year with all the kids in our lives.  He also is helping me learn how to just keep my mouth shut sometimes.

The grandma like folks at church –  Sophia’s wisdom comes out in many of these women…who know what questions to ask, not to ask, when to offer advice, when to just take the kids off my hands, when to challenge my assumptions of what being a parent means.  These women are so wonderfully great teachers of how to be present to people.

Jade – I learned from my assistant director all kinds of things this year.  Jade will lay out the red carpet for people, but also knows when to challenge the same people (she did both for me this year).  Jade taught me that I don’t constantly have to prove myself – and sometimes being myself is all I ever need to do…what a lesson.

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