Friday, December 7, 2012

Life is Good

What astonished you?

Good question. 

It astonishes me that people of faith don’t take issues of class and race and hunger and drugs and unfair economic practices more seriously and discern solutions.

It astonishes me that I own a house.

It astonishes me how much family dynamics change when a baby enters the picture.

It astonishes me that my little sister, the one that I fought with and the one that I loved from the beginning of her life, has made a successful business out of a love of farmers markets and now has a brick and mortar store of her awesome cupcakes.

It astonishes me that I am so proud of her it hurts.

It astonishes me that I have a biological child, one that I didn’t think I ever wanted and then told I wouldn’t have.

It astonishes me that life is really this good.

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