Monday, December 24, 2012

What did I learn?

I learned:
Importance of feeling at home with some people, but not all; what morning sickness is all about, and the incredible feeling of belonging

Importance of delegation, the high I get from empowering others, and how to parent a teenager

That I stop learning when I am overwhelmed, and how to find time to read when a baby is in the house

How to date my husband again, and that sometimes leaving work at work is amazing

How Benjamin is soothed by me singing musical scales, and how many people want to talk and hold a baby even if they don’t know me

How much I never knew I wanted a home and how much I was willing for fight for all the children in my home
How to breastfeed, where to find contact paper at the store, and how to cook for a month without a stove.
How much of life is gut reaction, and how to stare at my baby for hours

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