Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a wonderful holiday of 1sts!

I have never hosted Thanksgiving before - but Jim and I did all right. We had everything done way to early - but that is okay.

I have never attended a Thanksgiving parade before - but Mom, Dad, Jim and I went to the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade - it was fun!

I have never decided on a whim to go to a Broadway show - but we did on Friday night - Mom, Dad, Jim and I went to Jersey Boys. WOW! Great show!

I have never cleaned our current apartment for 8 hours in a row - but we did yesterday - I love a clean house, just not good at keeping it that way.

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Alyzarin said...

Congrats on hosting your first Thanksgiving! I always write out a timetable so I will get everything done at about the right time-- but it never works out as neatly on paper as it does in the kitchen. This year everything got done at the same time except for the turkey! It took its time while everything else got cold or crispy around the edges.