Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Been a while...

I haven't really had much to post recently. I recently stumbled upon something that may describe why I sometimes act the way I do... Asperger Syndrome. Sounds similar to me at least..and my Mom too. It's a form of mild Autism with symptoms of social awkwardness, physical awkwardness and focus problems.

So let's see

I hate social interactions, I fumble drop and fall over things, I start playing/doing something till it's an issue of seperation of free time and things that should be done. Other descriptions have to do with light and sound and I tend to jump at a loud or obnoxious sound that no one else seems to be bothered by or lose focus on what I'm currently doing because of simple noises. A lot of these issues no one else has ever really noticed until I got married then I've noticed that Krista thinks I'm doing weird things she's never seen before. I know I probably should get tested but I did take a long quiz online and that pointed out several things and here are my results:

Kinda explains a few of my weirdness and also might explain some of my Mom's behavior. Now for all my friends out there read the wikipedia link about aspeberger's and think of my behavior over the years.


Alyzarin said...

I probably don't know you well enough to leave a useful comment for you, but I'm wondering if I might fall on this spectrum too. I think it could help explain why I find it impossible to learn to drive. I just can't keep my focus because there are too many stimuli at once and I can't prioritize them. (Plus I have all that social awkwardness that I am good at obsessing about....)

Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Many people fall into this spectrum. However, I've read about this syndrome in the past and after recently reading a few more articles about asperger's, I might have to mention this to my boyfriend Doty. I always speculated that he has an autistic disorder but I never had enough courage to bring it up to him. After reading your blog, I think I am going to mention it to him.