Friday, November 14, 2008

I am amazed by the ocean- day 6

After breakfast at the hostel, we picked up Alex and headed to the Wild Animal Park, also a part of the San Diego Zoo. This is the facility that the zoo uses for research and breeding as well gives animals space to live - combined habitats with other animals- and realistic ways of live for the animals. We took a tour by tram first around the African exhibits then walked around the rest - it was seriously a huge place with the animals, not people, being placed first. We liked it...

After most of the day spent there, we dropped Alex off and headed to Pacific Beach where Jim and I played in the ocean again. It was low tide, fairly warm, and great to wade in. Then we headed to Mission Bay Beach, which has a roller coaster that is on the National Historical Landmarks - so for historical purposes only, we rode it :). Then we headed to the local pool to do some laps for Krista and generally relaxing for Jim.

We then headed back to Pier Cafe, our favorite place to eat so far. Still great food - but totally different when it is dark and quiet on the pier.

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