Thursday, November 20, 2008

Interesting encounter

Picture the scene....

Corner Bakery
3:30 pm

On the table - Laptop: top filled with stickers like Love Found You, See the Face of God in the City (DOOR logo), That's so liturgical, food not bombs (for those of you who are wondering why I have stickers, airport security!), DOOR waterbottle (with logo), DOOR orientation book closed with the cover again having in large letters - See the face of God in the city, ipod, the fountain drink I bought in order to sit here and work

Background: When I got everything out about an hour or so ago, I felt like maybe I had too much "God stuff" out - though I needed all of it to work, so I forgot about it. In my mind wandering phase about 15 minutes ago, I noticed the woman in the next booth with her bible out, reading a devotional that I have heard bad things about but haven't read, and a lanyard that says I love Jesus over and over.

What I am working on: What I have taken to calling the "silly book" which is actually for groups that are planning to do cross cultural trips - it needs to be turned in December 1 - and I am working on the last two chapters this week so that next week I can devote myself to revising and more revising. (I love the editors comments, it is fun to see them work with my stuff!)

The woman from the next booth comes over and sits in my booth where my feet have traditionally been since arriving. Saying,

"Hi!" I say.
"Is that a Christian sticker on your computer?"
"Ah, which one?"
"the love one?"
"...where can I get one? And do I need to buy the album to get a sticker?"
"Well, it is from Miami Music Ministry - they have two albums, one is called Exodus 15 and one is called Love found You. I don't know if you need to buy the album for a sticker. The web address is"
"Wanna come to my church? Here the address and my phone number, please consider coming."
silence, not sure where to go with this, wish my co-worker were here, she would be able to do this better than me
"Do you go a church?"
"yes, First Church of the Brethren..."
"Really? That sounds Catholic..."
"Nope, its anabaptist"
"Thanks for smiling eariler at me."
"no problem, I don't remember smiling at her"
"Oh, well hope to see you on Sunday."

She was bold, maybe I should admire that. However, there were lots of contexts clues that I was just as involved in church as she was - really, remember that too much God stuff on the table bit I had thought eariler.

What context clues do I miss when interacting with people? Probably lots, maybe now I will observe more.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Krista...just added your post today! Please keep me in the loop if there are others you write that you think others would enjoy, or maybe better to say be inspired by :)