Friday, November 14, 2008

The joy of hostels

The other night I was talking to a German woman about her holiday. We have been running into each other throughout the week and she has started asking us about US stuff - how do I get a ticket for a basketball game? sort of stuff. Anyways, the other night, she asked me when we were leaving I said on Saturday as Jim only got one week of vacation. She said,"You mean, during this month?" No...I said, "Total". She couldn't believe it. It is German law that everyone get at least 21 days. I told her that I think that Germany has it right. I really do. I know I am a better employee when I have time away to be refreshed. The point that she brought up that I hadn't really thought of before was about education. If we don't have time to travel, learn about other places - be that the city that is 5 hours away or the country across the globe - attitudes about those places will be stereotypical and be guided by media. If we do have time to travel, some attitudes might be adjusted. This doesn't take into account the amount of money it takes to travel - I realize. However, it doesn't seem like Europeans have lots of money but make it a priority to travel and then use money for travel instead of other things. I think I am bit like this - meaning, I would rather travel than spend money on say the book I can read from the library. I know that I am priveledged to have enough money to travel - and for those of us that do - we should see it as education just as much as vacation.


Miss Caldwell said...

Miss Caldwell said...

But your point also was saying that people in Europe make a point of travel, even with out a dispensable income, because it's part of their lifestyle. I think sometimes Americans don't realize that they can experience a vacation with out spending a ton of money. This I guess I can blame corporate America and advertising for. There is not much emphasis on alternative and affordable ways to travel, for example: group packages, hostels in America that are clean and trustworthy, cheap standby flights etc etc. You of course are very resourceful at that, therefore you are able to reap the benefits and enjoy a large amount of travel as an average American.