Saturday, November 15, 2008

We almost missed the sunset - Day 7

We went to Ocean Beach downtown area, finding a comic store where Jim got a new Mario toy. We went to Carls Jr which was better than Jack-in-the-box. We then went to Hillcrest which is a LBGT friendly neighborhood with cool bookstores and other shops. At one of the bookstores we found a used copy of a boondocks comic series and Jim found George Carlins last book "Waiting for Jesus to Bring Porkchops." We tried to see the new James Bond movie but it was not showing there. We decided to go to the many...MANY Westfield owned Malls around and went to see it.

Leaving the theatre I thought we would have enough time to catch the sunset but we were able to catch the last rays of it at the dog beach for one last time before we leave on Saturday. We ate at a sort of ritzy Thai place where I tried sake. We were planning on going to see a Beatles cover band but Jim fell asleep at 9pm.

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