Sunday, November 9, 2008


I still feel different.

I didn't expect I would -that is why I didn't process this sooner. I figured that I would be

over the mountaintop moment. No, I still am on it - the mountaintop that is.

I understand that I am not to put my hope in mortals or princes (Psalm 146), and yet I find hope

in Barack Obama.

On Tuesday night, when I stood with all those otherpeople in GrantPark I had tears - I felt like

I was watching history when I listened to Obama's speech. Yes, he is our first African-American

president, but that isnt the whole story for me. He inspired a half a million people to storm

downtown Chicago - a politican who gets more than U2 - shows that change is coming. The moments

that night, where as Jim described earlier - electric. And yet, that isn't the whole story.

This is a change, a hope for the future.

I think I started understanding the hope I felt, when the other day I was glad to have my

favorite NPR program interupted with a press conference from president elect Obama. Instead of

changing the station, I listened to it all. If we have a president that we want to have

communication with - maybe we will do the same.

This election has been about the people - new people registering to vote, people actually voting,

and people getting involved. Yes, politics and negative is the American way - and Obama did that

as well.

I do not believe that Obama will change the country just by being president, but he might inspire

me and others to work on believing that we can change our country.

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