Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Water Polo update

We treaded water with our hands out of the water (well, that was the goal anyway) for 30 minutes last night including some of the time practicing passing the ball -but the ball was weighted - 8 lbs coming at you while you are treading water - crazy.

It was a hard practice; but then at the end he named the teams that we are starting to play with. I was put with the high school girls - I was happy for a moment. I then realized that it was probably because the middle school team would probably never even give me the ball - the high schoolers might have a bit of compassion! Let's hope.

Last night, our class swelled to 30 people - mostly 6-8th graders. Everytime someone talked, we had a lap to do at the end of class - we did 30 laps. I love junior highers, but I wanted to strangle some people!!!!!

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