Tuesday, November 11, 2008

San Diego Day 4

We went to the San Diego Zoo today, highlights of the Zoo were:
The panda's - I've never seen one in person before and I got an amazing picture of them.
Indian Gharial - an almost extinct crocodile which was amazing to see
Turtles - The turtles that were in the same exhibit
Tours - Krista really liked the Skyfari and the bus tours
Wandering Peacock - There were many peacocks that were literally like scavengers who ate garbage off the ground
Botanical Garden - every plant was unique and from all over the world, I described it as very "Jurassic Park"
The design - the parks design and setup was very well done man exhibits didn't feel like exhibits they felt like part of the wild simply because you were able to get so close to a lot of the animals. There were a lot of levels criss crossing the canyons of the zoo.

If you've been to Chicago and seen the Brookfield Zoo or the Lincoln Park Zoo they don't have anything on this Zoo.

We went to Alex's house and ate dinner with him and Ping, we had a good time catching up....come back tomorrow for the next riveting tale of San Diego Part 5!

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Alyzarin said...

I'm glad you got to go to the zoo and tell us about it. I've always wanted to see that one.