Monday, June 23, 2008

technical troubles

Sounds like blog issues right? Nope this past week or so I've had 3 things go out on me at home, I had my big laptop decide to quit working, I had a 19inch monitor decided it's time to check out and now my new one is it seems my video card on my main computer is on the fritz.

I have alternatives to most of this, I own an Asus EEE pc that I've talked about before, and I picked up a used 17inch crt monitor from church but the video card is a little more troubling, I never switched to the latest technology and now I'll have to buy a new motherboard, new RAM and a new videocard to catch up as AGP video cards are old and buried and my motherboard only supports AGP, DDR1 and the new motherboards only support PCI-E, DDR2....

It's frustrating to be forced to upgrade but it had to happen sooner or later

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