Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travel Log 101

Some things I have experienced while I have been traveling:
1. The first leg of my flight to Miami was delayed enough that I would miss my second leg from Atlanta. So I went and asked about different flights or options and was put on standby for two flights and booked for a third. I was excited to get on the 2nd standby – it was a rush to see how many would get on and how many would be pushed back to the next flight. This was my first experience standbying –so I probably won’t like it any other time!
2. While waiting I saw a family almost miss their (my 1st standby) flight because the woman kept screaming “I can’t run I have heels on, no I don’t care if I miss the flight, I am not taking my heels off.”
3. At OHare, I noticed that the planes were all standing in line to take off. I saw this as we took off. I had this cartoon image of the planes joshing each other in line and then when one took off that is was saying yippee…..either I have watched to many cartoons or I have a overactive imagination.
4. I arrived in Miami to a closed airport. We sat on the tarmac for almost one hour as lighting was too close for anyone to be on the ground – all while my ride was circling the airport.
5. I saw Miami’s Thursday night. At DOOR, our Thursday night is the campfire of camp. I am so happy that in my new job I can see other cities events other than leading them all the time in Chicago.
6. The Lighthouse is a church in Miami that grew out of Miami Music Ministry which teaches kids how to be musicians. This is where Nadia from Carrie Underwood Season of American Idol got her start. The church is basically teens,20 and 30 somethings with a few others. I have heard a lot about it as Heidi, the City director in Miami, and Richard, her husband and founder of MMM, are basically the pastors (and aren’t in the demographic). It was incredible! I bought several CDs. Richard was a sound producer in Nashville for folks like Garth Brooks before they moved to Miami where they felt called to do one year of service, and that was over 10 years ago.
7. I have never landed in an airport that I didn’t mean to arrive in. Due to weather, we landed in Indy instead of Chicago – once I got to Chicago I had less than one hour to check in for my flight to LA on another airline three terminals away – so Jim and I raced across the airport – he gave me so more stuff and I gave him dirty laundry to take home – we kissed and I went on the flight.
8. Upon arrival at LA, I had 45 minutes to make it on time to my first appointment here in LA. I have never rented a car – it is sort of process! Then I realized I hadn’t looked at a map to find my way around. I started shaking and called Jim who looked up directions and calmed me down.
9. I walked by Dr. Phil’s studio this morning, as well as Hollywood Ave where all the footprints are. The DOOR program here is in the church that many TV shows use as “their church” it is just a little weird!
10. Someone of staff at the church was talking to me about his daughter working on “The View” – I am just blown away that I really am in Tinseltown!
11. I walked by a drain today that said – “no dumping, drains to the ocean” not an everyday occurrence for me!


Alyzarin said...

Ha! Thanks. I hope your travels are going well.

Karin said...

Haha i really enjoyed your standby experiencec stories. Since my dad is an airline pilot we have the ¨privelige¨of standbying all the time. I have plenty of horror stories from flying standby. Haha. Seen you in less then a week!