Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A weird day

It started at 5:30 - making eggs for 40 people and almost no one ate them - choosing cereal instead. Then, rushing to go to CMLC and picking up the junior high students to go garden in a local garden - then I did an hour work in the office, and then picked the junior high up in the garden just as it started to rain. After dropping them off at the school and them sharing their favorite games on the computer, I dashed back to the office. Worked, then found a puddle of water in the middle of our apartment - called the landlord, then Jim. Worked some more, started supper, went on a conference call, then finished supper for 40 people. Found out that Obama won the nomination - Yippee. Then, washed dishes for 40 people. Called Nadia and Melissa. Came home and with Jim's help cleaned up the remaining water on the floor, got message from landlord she would come and check on it tomorrow, listened to Obama's speech and parts of Hillary's, watched a season 2 episode of Scrubs (I am trying to watch the whole series on DVD.) Then go to bed.

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