Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have to confess. Maybe it isn't a confession if people already know, but I don't fold and I hate to hang my laundry. I don't mind actually washing and drying but the afterwards is the hard part for me - and since I didn't even own an iron until Christmas this year (compare this to a childhood gift of her choosing for my sister).

When I was single, I mostly had my laundry done. It was actually cost effective as well as time effective - plus they fold everything nice and neat - it looks like I iron. Once we got married, we didn't do this anymore because with two people it wasn't cost effective and I felt silly. However, with my new job and a small raise - my first thought was - maybe we should start getting our laundry done. (Maybe I am sick for not thinking about what else we could use the money.) It has been great.

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