Monday, July 7, 2008

It is like I forgot I had a blog!

The last couple of weeks have been nuts for me:

1. Hosting reentry for my students from the fall who are now back from Northern Ireland and Columbia. The whole thing warmed my heart.

2. Helping to host a retreat for year long volunteers over a weekend.

3. Spending a couple days with Chris, Jim and my favorite 2 1/2 year old red headed Gabriel.

4. This past weekend Jim and I went to Indiana Beach of the slogan "proving once again there is more than corn in Indiana" on Thursday through Saturday morning. We drove home quite early on Saturday morning, waited in line at the Working Bikes Co-op to get at least one bike (we came home with two bikes, two helmets, and two mega bike locks). I preached on Sunday at church to a holiday weekend congregation of about 12. We biked to Oak Park for a movie - Hancock - really good! Our house is clean thanks to working hard on Saturday and our fridge has fresh veggies for the first time in over a month. Things are good.

In the last week or so, I have realizing how much I need to have Jim time. We are both quality time people - meaning that we receive love by spending time with the other one. (Most women are this love language, most men are not.) However, my schedule for the past several weeks I realized in the last week has been more taxing on me. This weekend we spent so much time together that I am relaxed and energized.
I had been projecting this all on Jim that he was not feeling good - but when I realized it was me - I called a Jim and Krista weekend.

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