Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend, oh the weekend

Friday Night:

I went with Kathy to Sex in the City, the movie. I LOVED IT. I know, I know, sex in the city is so commercial and so materialistic and so not Kristaish - but what I have always liked about Sex in the City ( I watched most of the series late at night when I first moved to Chicago on WGN) is the basis of the show, the group of friends. They each have the own personalities, issues and lives but they are there for each other. In one scene of the movie, Carrie travels on New Year's Eve in NYC across town because her friend is lonely. That scene made me cry because I happen to have three girl friends who have done similar things for me; and I hope I have returned the favor in some way. I was moved to tears many times in the movie because of this friendship bond that I have that is shown well in the movie; and when Miranda (the character I most am like) says to the love of her life when he hurt her - "you don't understand how much I changed my life for you". Miranda throughout the series was the career woman all the way and when she met Steve it totally rocked her life out of what she thought it was going to be (Sound like anyone you know? You maybe reading her blog :) ) Anyways, Jim knows how much he has changed my life - he prides himself on making me less of a workie; which I have given to him and made him more of a workie! I recommend the movie.


It was a great day. After I went to Curves, Jim and I headed to the Brookfield Zoo, where Jim is a member thanks to a great Christmas gift. We went several weeks ago with Joslyn, but yesterday we covered the whole Zoo and it was a beautiful day to do so. We took lots of pictures that we haven't uploaded yet; hopefully we will get those on the blog soon. Then we did some shopping. I get a kick out of shopping almost never; but when I am in the mood watch out! Then we headed home. We cooked on the grill in our backyard and enjoyed being outdoors for supper. And watched a DVD of Good Eats that we found for $4. Good Eats is a Food Network show that is Bill Nye, the Science Guy meets food show. Jim even likes it and watched the whole DVD with me.


My back hurts - something happened yesterday that twisted my muscles the wrong way. No matter; we cleaned our closet of winter clothes and got our summer clothes out before church - I am so proud of us! We went to church and picked up our last week of meals from First Slice (we decided not to renew our subscription, as I miss cooking) and came home so I could sit with the heating pad. We watched The Savages and First Sunday and watched PBS in between.

It was a great weekend.

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