Monday, June 23, 2008


My parents were in town working for DOOR Chicago last week; so upon returning to O'Hare at 5:30 am Friday morning, I went to say hi to them, and then took a shower at home saying hi to the husband I hadn't seen in a week before he went to work - and took my parents to Sweet Maple Cafe where we had a nice breakfast. Then we headed off to the Chicago History Musuem (where I have a membership, I know I am a history geek and a Chicago geek so this is perfect). There was a private event going on taking a wing of the place - and on the way out we found out that Obama was having a meeting about a VP.

We headed back home and played some Wii Fit and Wii Sports all while I was trying not to crash (being up for at that point over 36 hours). We picked up Jim at work and then went to Pilsen for supper to celebrate Mom and Dad's 38 wedding anniversary. Then I crashed at 7 and slept until 9 the next morning.

We went to Artipolis in the morning for a brunch before mom and dad headed out to Ohio. Jim and I started our marathon of shopping. We went to the movie theatre to get gift certificates, David's Bridal to get my dress for Betsy's wedding, then to Whole Foods for some stuff, then to Salvation Armys and Goodwill's looking for a bike or two, then to Quake, an 80s toy store that Jim had heard about - we bought more vintage toys for others than for Jim (hint: they had Batman everything, we are well stocked for several holidays to come with Batman stuff). Then decided to try out a Put Putt Place that Jim had heard about at work called Par King. It was a great course! After heading to a nearby Red Robin, we came home.

A good day to come home too.

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