Saturday, January 26, 2008

A week in my life

In the style of my friend, Am, I offer some ponderings on my week:

Jim and I went downtown, I even had heels on, to the Weber Grill for my birthday. As Betsy had told me, the pretzel rolls were amazing. It was nice to have a celebration with just Jim and I. Considering we celebrate my birthday last year as sort of the day we decided that we would get married.


I taught a class about service on Tuesday and served on a panel on racism. I love doing that stuff. Especially the panel on racism proved to be a great conversation.


Jim's parents had us over to celebrate my birthday - for the best chili I have ever had. Now, you could think that I was just saying that to kiss up to my mother-in-law, but I am not!!! It is amazing. They got me a great cake as well - white cake with strawberries.


Glenn, my boss, does a lot of traveling and likes to see movies in his free time during his travels. So, he suggested that we go see Juno on Thursday night, which Jim and I already saw and loved. We went again. It rocked all over again. I noticed the soundtrack more this time - Jim put it on his ipod right after we saw it the first time. My favorite line of the movie is: "You don't even try that hard (to try to impress me)" "Actually, I try really hard."


Last night, I cooked for the first time in a week, shrimp with pasta and green beans. Nothing special or shocking or good enough to report here. However, I wanted to go to a book store. I got several gift certificates for bookstores for my birthday and while most are online, I like to go and look first. Plus, I am more interested in tracking all the books I want to read on (great tracking for any book lover - check it out - thanks Nadia, for pointing it out to me). So Jim took me (he drove even, which rarely happens) to Barnes and Noble with a little notebook and a pencil and my BN gift certificate. We spent 2 hours going through all the books and writing down ones that I want to read so I could go home and enter them in my to read shelf at good reads. Jim kept telling me I was easy to please, because if I had not had a gift certificate I wouldn't have bought anything. However, because I did - I bought a great book about Chicago, I have checked it out of the library many many times - The Cheap Bastards Guide to Chicago: Things to do for free in Chicago. Plus, a copy of Time Out Chicago - a weekly magazine about what is going on in Chicago - and it happens to be what Jim got me for my birthday but won't start arriving for a month.


Monday, I start going to class again. I signed up for a History of the Black Church class at the Center for African Biblical Studies. This is going to be a serious class the text book is 450 pages long. I can't wait! I miss being a student enough to take it. The interesting thing is that the Center is a part of Trinity UCC church here in Chicago, where Barack Obama has been a member for a long time. However, many spam emails are saying the church is a cult and/or a part of the Nation of Islam. So, it should be interesting to be at the church on a regular basis during this interesting time in politics and the church's life.

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Alyzarin said...

You're lucky your mother-in-law makes good chili. After several years of trying to give us batches of her chili, mine has given up on trying to foist some off on us. C and I think her recipe is something like this: 6 cans of diced tomatoes, one can of kidney beans, and 1/2 tsp. of chili powder. (If you leave out the chili powder and substitute half a bag of frozen mixed vegetables for the beans, you have her recipe for vegetable soup.)

She makes great lasagna and chocolate tofu pie, though, so it all evens out in the end.