Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I thought the city was different

People in my DOOR groups often ponder outloud - doesn't it feel anonymous living in a city? Some like that idea, others not so much.

My answer is usually no with some exceptions. Here is an example of why:

A couple weeks ago, after a fresh batch of snow, I went swimming at the indoor pool that is housed in a local community center which also houses a medical clinic, children's programming and other community programs. Outside the medical clinic, a woman who was registering people for extra kid insurance stopped me and asked if I needed socks. I laughed and said that no, and then she said in a lower voice, no really, hon, do you need socks? I assured her I did own socks just stupid for not wearing them into the building.

Well, today after a fresh snow and after weeks of wearing tennis shoes to the pool, I decided to grab crocs instead out of stupidity - however, in my bag I did have thick wool socks to wear after I got out of the pool. As I was doing this, I thought - if that woman sees me she is not going to believe I own socks, but I haven't seen her in a couple weeks - the length of time I had been wearing tennis shoes. I even parked on the other side of the building just so I might not have to see her.

I ran in and guess who met me at the door? And, she said - "The last time I saw you, I asked you to wear socks - where are they?" I pulled them out of my bag to show her I owned them.

I doubt I ever will try to go without again.

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