Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chicagoitis and food

I think I made a new year's resolution without knowing it, trying to be more intentional about making sure I make time to do cool things in the city. I have been doing a lot of that, thanks to my membership to Chicago History Museum and some J term groups.

Plus, last weekend I decided we should go to Bobak's last week because it is a great store on the southwest side of Chicago serving the Polish residents and Jim has never been there. They had a neighboring restaurant that I wanted for him to experience as well. So, we got there and they had closed the restaurant and moved to a hot bar within the store and tables within the store. So, we had a wonderful meal - but not what I expected. I think it scared me though....I should not put off going places in case they close.

We were supposed to go to Goshen this weekend but the event I need to be at got cancelled - I had plans to enjoy chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes for weeks! So the other day when I found out we wouldn't be going, I thought to myself I want to go to Hot Doug's. So we did today for lunch. They are only open from 10-4. I have only been there on week days before but I have heard about the lines on the weekends. And yes, we stood outside lined up on the side of the building to get in. Their website gives little clues about this place but I think it reminds me of my family a bit, which is why I like it. Doug, who took our order today and always has taken my order when I have gone there, is a professional chef, trained in France, and after working in top notch places in New York and Paris decided what he would rather do was run a standard hot dog shop in Chicago, his home town. However, it isn't so standard. While he serves the normal hot dog, the polish, the bratwurst - typical encased meats, he also makes his own sausages using for example from today's specials - ribeye steak, alligator, and chicken. Check the website for the unique stuff he makes. On Friday and Saturdays, they serve Duck Fat Fries - I had to try them if I was going to stand in line. They were good - but not as good as I have heard them glorified to be. But Hot Doug's has the best encased meat I have ever had. And if you are wondering why I am using the term encased meat - check out their T-shirts.

Tomorrow, Joslyn will be leading us to the Chicago Children's Museum. I have never been there and I am excited to go with my favorite almost 3 year old.

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