Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Science of Touch

I have read several interesting articles about touch in the last 10 years. When I was a pastor, I read one about how most single people got most of their physical contact at church. I tested this theory. I made a goal of 10 hugs a week - and many weeks I couldn't get that many unless I would go to my housemates and beg for hugs. The science of touch article, click here, also talks about this problem.

Being in the first year of the marriage, I don't think of these things anymore very often....until last night. Last week, I rediscovered my rocking chair so yesterday I worked from home and spent most of the day with my laptop on my lap and in my rocking chair. So after supper, I went back to that same stance and Jim was on the couch as we watched some TV. Upon going to bed, I told Jim that I felt like we hadn't spent much time together during the night. I was trying to figure it why as we spent all evening together...and I realized that it probably was because we hadn't sat in our assigned seats on the couch. The power of touch....

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