Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Michael Jordan

This is going to be a blog topic for both of us today, but it looks like I may be first in posting this morning - We saw Michael Jordan last night from about 5 feet away, and Jim waved to him

The regular pool I go to doesn't have adult hours on Tuesday, so sometimes Jim and I go together to a local high school's evening open swim hours. Usually there is no one there except us, so we pulled up to the high school and cars were everyone, including lots of police. I figured they were having a basketball game was going on, and I was right. The normal way to the pool was closed off, a security guard walked us back to the pool (the pool is run by the Chicago Park District, not the school). Once in the pool, the life guard told us that it was such a big game because Collins HS (where we were) was playing Whitney Young HS, so MJ was watching his son play basketball who plays at Whitney Young.

I was mildly impressed, and then about 30 minutes of swimming, some people walked into the pool area and the first person my eyes went to was MJ. I start to say quite fast, "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh..." Jim says "What?" I point, he looks and waves....

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