Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ponderings of the week

My college class was still here until Thursday and I got another class on Thursday night who are here until Tuesday.

More ponderings:

I really like my church and my neighborhood. The class wasn't staying with us at First Church; so I hosted them one evening at the church for one session - The Men of Destiny - for those who know them. I was happy to be in my area of Chicago for a time after spending most of a week not in my neighborhood.

I was on the CTA from 7:40 until 1 pm almost straight on Wednesday- dropping off teams at the places they needed to go, I also lost a student in that time period (he was found).

In the doctor's words that made me giggle, "You pissed off your nerves" causing numbness in two of my fingers on my right hand. I went to the doctor yesterday because of the numbness that started on Wednesday. She said she has seen it in bowlers as well - I just was carrying water bottles in a plastic bag. It should go back to normal in a week or so.

I am going to see the play - White People - for the second time in one week this afternoon. It really brings up great points about subtle racism in the US. It caused amazing discussion in my other college kids, so hopefully these as well.

As a part of this story telling class, they are learning to tell my story as the DOOR director - so Jim gets a lot of questions and they want to see more of my life than just my babysitting is going to be fun tomorrow as we are followed by a video camera and tape recorder.

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