Friday, January 18, 2008


Many of you know how much I admire King's vision for the world. Anyways, it really upset me that American Mattress is running an ad about it.

"Celebrating King's Dream, we have a sale on mattresses...." What the heck!!!! Is King's dream really about selling mattresses?

Brian, my co-worker, believes that we need to not quote King for 50 years because it has become too popular, too obvious. He actually is going to give a sermon on that this Sunday - his first, I am excited for him.

King did say hard stuff in style, hence getting quoted so much. He was a beautiful speaker and writer - but if we don't take his words seriously - then all we get out his life is a sale of mattresses.

Hoping that your weekend shows you ways to challenge yourself like King challenged the U.S.

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Alyzarin said...

Composition teachers would be in serious trouble if we didn't have his letter from Birmingham jail anymore! It's one of the finest examples we have of the techniques we want our students to use in their own arguments. While I can understand the sentiments behind the desire for a ban, it would be hard for me to get through a quarter without his work.