Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation Report

Lots of stuff happened over the weekend vacation that Jim planned for me:

First a short car trip to the Wisconsin Dells got there Thursday evening.

Friday, we went to an indoor water park (which are a dime a dozen there) and the outlet malls where I found a way cool skirt for $5. Saturday, after buying tickets to afternoon boat rides; we drove out of town a bit to follow directions to a thrift store where I found shorts and Jim found a new DVD player, and a book. Then we went to a local bookstore and cruised through other downtown Dells stores. Where I found this: It is a bracelet with beads that stand for different things according to color. In college we used to always buy them and I often bought the one for love - so out of the symbolism of being in love and seeing them while with my husband I bought the wish of love bracelet again.

The boat tours were very cool; here are some pictures.

After realizing my swimsuit was missing, we headed back to the place with the waterpark to inquire about it and found an arcade for Jim and a karaoke contest for me. It made me happy.

On Sunday, we got up and as we were getting ready we realized that we had packed alike for the day - does this mean we are getting old....

I realized while away that I love making scrapbooks for vacations, but just like most of my life I would rather blog now than scrapbook.

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