Monday, April 7, 2008


Some tidbits similar to Krista's post....

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I'm going to be adding my list of summer movies on the side also, it's a reminder to myself and just a general interest piece.

Two movies I/We have seen are 27 Dresses and Run Fatboy Run. I expected a cheesy romcom that turned into alot more for 27 dresses. Run Fatboy Run was another movie of removing expectations, I expected a slapstick no-heart movie but what I got was a lot of heart and quality writing with great character and humor.


Musically, I'm addicted to Panic at the Disco's new album Pretty. Odd. They had recorded the album in Abbey Road Studios in London obviously famous from the Beatles Album and you can see the influence on PATD. I think I've listened to it 6-7 times since I got it last tuesday. I recommend it, but I would give it a listen at their website I linked above first if it's your thing.

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