Sunday, April 13, 2008


We went to see our friend Aimee play and sing with the band Dead Pirates tonight. It was a one night deal and I miss being a Aimee groupie - she is so talented. It is also fun to go out and go to bar - because I never have been a bar fly, I romantize what being a bar fly really means....


So we have decided that we are going one week without corn - which means no high frutose syrup and a lot of other stuff. This is all because of watching King Corn. Already, we found out that high frutose syrup is in our whole wheat bread from Sara Lee as a surprise. Watch the blog for updates on how the week goes.

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Alyzarin said...

That sounds like an interesting experiment. I'd be tempted to try it too, but I'm so busy looking for non-vegetarian ingredients on labels that I don't want to add another item, even for a week. (You'd be surprised how many things have gelatin in them! C won't eat it and I had no idea it was in so many things before I married him.)