Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CTA musings

Number 7 bus, 10:43 am Monday; Kedzie and Congress

I was in my own little world - lazily coming back from dropping off a group. I had stopped at the library; and then taken the "road less taken" back walking. However, I got tired so I grabbed a bus. As I waited to pay, someone waved and I glanced over to find a woman from church smiling at me. I sat down, rode my 4 block ride and told her to have a nice day. Nothing more; Nothing less.

Number 126 bus, 8:02 am Tuesday; Central Park and Jackson

It was a packed bus. The bus driver shouldn't have let us on, but she did (the risk of traveling with 4 people behind you). I was concerned about my folks making sure they had a place to hang on, other than the windshield (yes, we were that close); when I heard a clear but shy call - "Hi, Krista". I looked and stuffed beside my armpit was Denzel a 9th grader who read scripture before my sermon on Sunday. The simple hello meant alot.

Waiting for the 94 bus, 1:08 pm Tuesday, Jackson and California

I had a magazine and a hat and a sweatshirt; my fellow waiting-on-the-94 bus was more bundled up than I was. She asked if this was the way to Mt. Sinai, I assured her it was as that is where I was headed. She asked me where to apply to get a bus shelter; then told me she never takes the bus because we don't have enough bus shelters, which would assure her warmth.

I have people ask me all the time about not knowing anyone in the city. This isn't my experience at all. I don't normally see folks that I know on the CTA like the past couple days; but I do know that the city is my home and I find it just as homey as a small town; especially on the CTA.

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