Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jr. Highers alert

Today, with a van load of junior high boys in my care...I decided that if they came out of the womb around 12 years old - I want one. They were a delight all day.

A funny conversation that happened today:

8th grade boy: Hey, Ms. Dutt, I forget, do you have babies?

Me: Nope

8th grade boy: Are you going to get one?

Me: Yep, I am going to the store and getting one next week...

8th grade boy: smiled at me and laughed a bit

5 minutes pass

8th grade boy: You can't really do that, can you?

Me: ahh, no.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

A Baby Store, huh? Wouldn't that make life so much easier... Not that I'm complaining- we got a pretty good deal without having a bunch of babies to choose from. :)