Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lots of thoughts

Food news:
Tofu Chocolate Cake ( - it is amazing, even Jim liked it - it does have a lighter consistency than normal cake
1 small block of tofu
1 box of cake mix - I choose a dark chocolate
1/4 c water

Mix the tofu and mix to a fudgy glob. Then, mix the water into the glob to make it less globby. Bake as directed on box.

Board Game News
We all know that I am a fan of the local cute family owned business. Monday night, in my TimeOut Chicago I read about a board game store - Cat and Mouse. I went yesterday. WOW! I highly recommend it. Not only did they have all the games I love, Ticket to Ride, Settlers, and lots of other Rio Grande Games - but when I asked for some 2 person games (so Jim and I can play) they had about 12 games. Bonus points for the owner who had played all of them! I was happy - bought some games and want to recommend them to anyone who comes to Chicago. They have a game night on Tuesdays that feature a new game each week. We are going to go next week!


The first sign on a nervous breakdown is when you start thinking your work is terribly important. - Milo Bloom (This made me think this morning.)

The other day in one of those conversations that has been rolling around in my head since, I was remembering outloud a memory that I have about Jim and I dating in vivid detail. Jim then said, "You sure have a lot of memories for not having any chachkey (I have no idea how to spell this Jewish word for knick knacks)." We often laugh about how I am not sentimental about stuff. But this comment really hits the mark. It is not that I don't cherish memories or times spent with people - I just don't need the ticket stubs or knick knacks to remind me. So on this last day of the year, I remember the great times with friends and family of the last year and can't wait for new memories to happen next year.

Plans for tonight
I am leaving in a bit to go to an exhibit at the Cultural Center and then to go to The Freedom Museum (I have never been!)for an exhibit about the election. Afterwards, I am meeting Jim for dinner and then heading over to the Trump Tower - and going to the Rebar Lounge for celebrate the new year - we can watch the fireworks from there and enjoy some of the games that I got yesterday. I want to take part in the Polar Bear swim tomorrow and then enjoy traditional new year's day foods!

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Alyzarin said...

There are variations, but the most common spelling is probably tchotchke. :)