Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Blue Shoes

Have you ever started looking at people’s feet wishing you could switch with them? I haven’t ever had that feeling with the intensity of last night. Let me take you there.

With plans to go to the swanky bar to ring in the new year, when I headed downtown to visit the Freedom Museum and the Cultural Center I dressed up complete with semi-comfortable heels instead of my more comfy dressy crocs. Once I arrived at Clark and Lake, I realized my choice of shoes might have been better thought out. My right big toe was already screaming, “What the heck were you thinking?”

I walked the 6 blocks to the Freedom Museum with my mind wondering if I would get kicked out of the museum if I walked around in my hose. Standing was not as painful so I was enjoying every do not walk red hand I was stopped by during my outside time, begging the cold to make my feet numb. It did not, for once, oblige.

As much as I like museums, I sometimes dislike the movies that usually set the stage for said museum. I watch the Freedom Museum’s twice – never mind I had my shoes off. (It was actually a pretty good movie.) Standing a lot, moving slowly – the museum was kind to my feet. And yet, I was drawn to look at the other guest’s feet wishing that those tennis shoes, those loafers could be my feet.

I then had planned to walk the 4 blocks to the Cultural Center, but boarded a bus instead. When I arrived at the Cultural Center to see a certain exhibit, I looked on the “What is happening today” board – and my feet learned that it was on the 4th floor. I headed up the stairs. My feet were screaming – “I am done.” I took my shoes off and walked the rest of the way with my hose. My feet were done, but better.

As I stared in the Chicago Tourism Store, my feet fought putting the constrictive heels back on, but they conceded when I made the decision to walk to a shoe store – so I could walk to Jim’s work and then to the swanky bar. It was approximately 4 blocks to the downtown Crocs store. I was walking so slow due to the pain that I got passed by a woman in a walker! People on their way to New Year’s Eve festivities actually knocked into me. So I got off the sidewalk proper to stay out of the way. I walked to the front of the state street Payless. As I pondered if I should go there instead – the lights went off. My feet wept.

My feet cried out to the Lord, “Please, O Lord, let the Crocs store still be open.”

The Lord answered the prayer. I decided that I would buy the cheapest shoes in the store. After looking at the sensible color of brown which did not come in my aching feet’s size, I found a bright teal alice that fit just fine that only cost 19.99.

I took the shoes to the counter. I paid. Then as the cashier reached for the bag, I said – wait, can I put my heels in there and where my new shoes out of the store? While they didn’t solve all the damage that my heels had done and they certainly didn’t match – my feet were relieved. We had a great night walking downtown!

Moral of the story: Always choose sensible shoes!

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