Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun with Food

Several thoughts about food:

1. Today, is my final day of crockpot week. I did make 7 suppers in the crockpot in a row. Our favorite was beef stew - the secret was rolling the beef chunks in flour before adding it to the crockpot. I am excited about tonight's split pea soup. I loved the chicken noodle soup as well. It was a good week.

2. When we go to Pete's each week, Jim has fruit duty. Lately, he has been working through the 6 pear varieties - getting two pears a week to see if we like them. Last week, he also bought a pummelo for me. It looked like a green volleyball - they had one cut and it looked like a grapefruit. It tasted like a cross of an orange and a grapefruit. Some research turned up that it is actually a predecessor to the grapefruit. The white part that it is famous in citrus is spongy and huge. Click here for a picture. I ate it in 3 sittings, it was great! I got another one today.

3. Speaking of Jim's role in our grocery shopping, I went on my own this afternoon. I saw "new" parts of the store because I was doing it all. I noticed where the honey wheat pretzels are located. (We didn't know we could get them there before - I realized today we never walk down the snack aisle.) Thinking of that, Jim and I have different snacking needs - I am a salty snacker and Jim is a sweet snacker. So, the honey wheat pretzels are a compromise that we both love.

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