Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update and more

So the Thin Mints that I reported on last night - taste just like Thin Mints. They are so good! However, at 80 cents a piece I will stop at just one. I also bought a homemade Twinkie because I thought Jim liked them. He doesn't and neither do I. However, this was really good - more angel food cake with filling.

I also need to admit another family trait coming out in me. This is a grandma Beam thing, while it has been sited in my mom as well. So, I like a certain style of underwear, which apparently has gone out of style as no one is carrying it regularly (Victoria Secret said they weren't making them anymore). So everytime I see a pack in clearance at Target - I pick it up. It is pretty much a kick back to my grandmother's Dawn episode. I have so many pairs now - but soon I won't be able to buy them at all!

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