Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tourists in Chicago

That is what we were this weekend, tourists with a twist. I, and sometimes we, are a huge fan of a local show called Check Please. It is a PBS show that has three normal people, not celebrities talking about their favorite local place to eat. The other two go check out each favorite and reports on how it was. I am really impressed that people aren't all nice, but rather give fairly truthful reviews of places. Anyway, several weeks ago we were watching and Tank Noodle caught Jim's eye. On Friday night, we headed there for some Vietnamese food. Then we went to Pete's to get groceries.

Jim is soon going to hate that he got me Time Out Chicago. As now, I am going to keep us more busy with cool Chicago happenings.
Saturday we headed downtown to the Loop, to check out the Peace Museum's Mural Competition. I am excited that the Peace Museum is starting to work with other places to get their collection to a wider audience (their home is near our house, actually). Then we headed to the CAF for their Map It exhibit. Then we headed to the park to see an ice exhibit. It is nothing what I expected, there are some great pictures on the website. And if this was not enough, it was all free!!!

We also were planning on heading back into downtown to see the show Cheat You Fair: The Story of Maxwell Street. But when the time came to catch the train, we were just too comfy at home. I still hope to catch it sometime.

I hope this inspires you all to be tourists in your own city!

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