Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the foodie come again and others thoughts

Stuff I have thought about today:

I have the good problem or bad problem of having decide what to wear each day. I am somewhat envious of Jim for having an uniform of khakis and polo shirt (unless it is this cold, then they declare jeans week). This morning, I took notice of where I was going; then having decide what to wear. Today, I was going to be spending time going to several learning about Chicago northside places. I needed to look preppie and hip - I have very little in that department. But hey, tomorrow, I may not have to leave the house and then my outfit may be flannel pjs!


Yesterday afternoon I was looking forward to making soup but then after spending time cleaning the house, I wasn't into messing up the kitchen. So, I called Lou's our local pizza joint. We are lucky they bring it right to us - the wonderful Chicago deep dish. The other really cool thing is that the proceeds of the store go to the community. It is a "tithe" of the company. I learned about it back in 1998 when I came with Bluffton; and I still love it and get to share in the community organization about once a week between work lunches and the occassional take out or bring it to the door for home.

However, this isn't the only helpful to the community place I like to eat. Cafe Too is amazing place as well. Gourmet food at Cafe Too rocks and helps train homeless folks to be chefs downtown. I even have a T-shirt.

And one more that I have experienced their catering at a conference (not conference food at all) and I just went to their cafe today - First Slice. There motto is "What if we gave the first slice to those who are used to getting the crumbs." They work against hunger by providing healthy food to those who cannot afford it. They have a meal service that I am looking into - sort of personal chef type of stuff.

I can't wait to find more!


I was also near a bakery that I recently read a review about. Angel Food Bakery specializes in making old favorites - today I saw homemade Ho Hos, Thin Mints, and Whoopi Pies. Jim and I will let you know how stuff is as I bought several things for dessert tonight.


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