Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chicago 10

I love Chicago, everyone knows that. Let me explain this certain circumstance. Yesterday, I saw a blog posting about a preview of a movie about the demonstrations surrounding the 1968 Democratic convention. So, having a "free night" I rounded up the husband and headed to the preview at Columbia College with a discussion afterwards for FREE.

If you would like a formal rundown of the movie, click here. Here is mine: Basically 8 folks were charged in the role of hosting several protests of the Vietnam war during the convention. This movie is based on real tape of the protests and the convention, and the trial of the 8 folks. In fact, the manuscript of the court preceedings was used and then animated. It was powerful. The use of real news footage appealed to the real emotion while the animated sequences allowed me to focus on the words, the crazy words, being said.

I highly recommend it – it is coming out in limited release this weekend.

Scott Simons, an NPR correspondent, who I knew I wouldn’t have a clue until he talked – and I indeed I knew his voice – the wonders of radio, hosted the discussion.

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