Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So today, along with my students, I attended a Myers Briggs workshop. I love MBTI! My type is ENTJ. I however am slowing becoming a P - maybe. I don't want to admit that, really. In ten years, maybe I will be a P. Not as much as my friend Jackie and probably not as much as Jim - but a slight P.

Jim took an online version and came out as I thought he would - INFP. I think that is what Dad is, or something quite close that. Jackie is a ENFP.


Alyzarin said...

Sweet! I'm an INFP too. I think we took the inventory in college and Krista and I made buttons proclaiming our types. (Or am I just making that up?)

Krista said...

nope - not made up! We did!

Jackie said...

I have so many good memories about the ways that our shared EN-status bonded us togehter, and our divergent TJ/NP status gave us the balance we needed! :-) Yippee!