Friday, September 7, 2007


So, the other day I assigned the RAD participants to journal. So at least for the next couple months - I need to be a good example and journal with them. I am going to do that here most of the time.

In the last couple days, we have done a lot of work - Wednesday alone we ripped up flooring in a Catholic parish house and then in the afternoon sorted 2000 lbs of bread. I learned several things - I have to be in the right mindset to do that kind of work and it is hard. A lot of my job is relationship, for this I am grateful. However, it was WAY cool to work hard and see something get done.

Yesterday, after reflecting in 4 different city locations on Psalm 30 (a journaling exercise), we went and stood on the sidewalk and even in the street and asked for money for a local non-profit. I have never thought I would do that. I even called Jim and had him come by to drop his change in our boots (our buckets) because I was worried I couldn't get anyone else to give money. All together we collected 505 in bills, and 181 in change!

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