Friday, September 21, 2007

Jim and theology: Krista's two great loves

This week I became a translator of all things church. One thing I love about Jim is that he brings such a different perspective than I do on church because he isn’t as ingrained as I am in church politics and traditions of the church. While I get paid especially with these semester long students to talk theology, I read theology and think in those terms most of the time – Jim spends most of his time not thinking about theology.

Last weekend, we went to our friend’s ordination which I immediately became the translator in explaining what was going on. Then I have had several really deep conversations, finished an amazing book, and Jim and I have really delved into theology this week.

Jim is so open to see what actually is happening within the church body – not the tradition, not what the church says should happen, not whatever – but what it actually is doing – he sometimes is more hopeful that I and always points me to a better perspective.

Marriage has changed my view on faith, given me a new perspective into love, and given me a new understanding of community. I am still working on the explanation of that – if there is one.

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