Monday, July 2, 2007

We went away this weekend

Hi - I know I haven't posted for awhile, and I am sorry. This time each year I am not sure who I am any more - but this week Brian is taking more and more of the week long program from my hands. Marriage is helping me give it up actually - there is a reason to go home for supper instead of stay here. I am actually cooking supper for Jim for the first time in a month tonight and I am excited!

This past weekend - we went away, not far, just to the suburbs and stayed in a hotel and did stuff that we wouldn't do if we just drove up there for the day - went to a water park, went to a mall that is like the Worthington Mall for those of you in Ohio, and for the rest of you that means we would have both needed to start new jobs to afford anything. We also went to see the new Pixar film but I will let Jim review that for you.

The thing I like about this stage of marriage is that I seriously don't get tired of spending time with Jim. Maybe that is because I have crazy hours - but really there is no place I would rather be than spending time with him in some way (which is big for the girl who loves her job that she might have married it if she hadn't married Jim). We are both quality time folks on the 5 love languages which is helpful - lots of times women are this but guys aren't. So we both see it as equally important to spend time together.

I know that JIm and I are still in the honeymoon phase and there most likely will be a time when I say - I have had a enough of you, I need a break - but I am enjoying this phase right now.

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Alyzarin said...

I think it's more fun to spend time with C now than I did when we got married. I don't know if this is a comment on our readiness to get married-- but I mean to offer it as a sign of good things to come. The feeling should extend WAY past the honeymoon stage.