Friday, July 6, 2007

Bono and Africa

My dear husband does know me well and usually can speak on my behalf - not this time.

I think Bono does do a lot of great things - as a urban educator, I respect his ways of raising the awareness of wealthy Americans (and other upper class around the world) that there is huge debt in the world - and most of it is owed to the United States. The One campaign has seen great success due to U2's pitching it at concerts and events. The One campaign is basically the idea the if the US would forgive 1 percent of what it is owed - many 2/3 thirds countries would be out of debt and then could thrive with out the UN helping them.

HOWEVER, this is where my husband didn't get my view right - I don't believe that a wealthy band or any group should tell a people what they need. If Bono hasn't spent enough time talking to the tribes mentioned in the article to listen to what has been spelled out as a need or a want instead of what Bono wants to give - then Bono and then U2 needs to leave. I deal with this at work all the time. People from the suburbs or from out in the middle of nowhere want to tell the folks in the inner city how things should work - without listening to what is working here in the inner city.

I have read many times that the RED campaign was a flop because of all the money it wasted. While I understand the problem of spending all that money that could have been given to AIDS research, I also understand that education is sometimes immeasurable. So what about the people who saw Bono and Oprah parading down Michigan Ave in Chicago and got tested for AIDS. I am not saying that the RED campaign was all good - in fact it was probably a mistake. BUT I AM A BELIEVER IN AWARENESS - its my passion to make people aware of issues in the city - and therefore I feel like the campaign did have some good - and hopefully can learn from its mistakes and try again.

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