Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bono and Africa

Krista and me have this small debate on Bono and U2 on occasion. I don't care much for Bono it always seems to me like he's just doing all these charitable things for attention. U2's music is just passable as "lite" or "elevator" music. She likes the music and as she is a non-profit director loves almost anything that has to do with charity.

My side:

Bono's red iPod failed so much that they spent more on advertising than actually making money. They spent $100 million on product and advertising and ended up only raising $18 million. They could have easily just have handed over $100 million to Africe for aid....

Now this article comes out saying that there are certain tribes that do not want Bono's help. The article states that the "saving" of Africa won't come from aid but from the "ingenuity of it's people."


Now I'm sure he's done lots of good things for Africa and charity but me being a technology geek I see these bunglings more often than most stories...

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