Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movie Review #1 - Shrek

I always wanted to write up some movie reviews so here goes my first one...

Shrek 3 - 7/10 stars

Shrek, Donkey, PnB head out to find the heir to the throne for Far, Far, Away Land. Prince Charming takes over Far Far Away. Shrek and crew have to stop Prince Charming from succeeding.

Seen the first two? You know what your getting into then. Lot's of pop culture references and many "adult" jokes the kids won't get. It's fast paced but not as fast paced and rushed as Spider-Man 3. It's a good popcorn summer movie. The only disappointing part in the movie is Donkeys and PnBs character in my opinion didn't have enough jokes/lines. My favorite new side character is Eric Idle's Merlin, hopefully he will come back for whatever sequels Dreamworks have in store. Which I hear there is a Puss 'n Boots movie and a Shrek prequel.

Though not as good as the first two I'm sure with multiple viewings on DVD it will join the collection of DVD's I have at home. Catch it at a matinee in my opinion.

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