Monday, December 17, 2007

Post 251

Some ponderings:

1. Yesterday, my friends and I gathered for our annual spice making. We make cookies and make spice mixes and have a good time instead of shopping in a mall, which the traffic around the strip malls gave me a headache on Saturday!

2. Today, I decided I didn't want to drive to the pool. So I packed up my stuff and waked (1 mile round trip) - it cracked me up because I got wet up to the knees just walking there thanks to the snow - so I am walking to get wet, but already wet. Quite funny to someone weird like me.

3.Also today, as predicted the lost camera was found. We recieved our new camera in the mail on Thursday - after deciding that we needed to get a new one to replace the lost one.

4. Tonight, I really hope I like The Clash of the Choirs - I have been looking forward to it.

If you get a chance go see Juno - its an independent film that is getting some widespread attention - it is great! Laughing out loud in the theatre - always a good sign.

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