Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lessons from Gabriel

This week I am spending four days with my good friends Christina and Jim and their son Gabriel - I am learning a lot.

1. Advent is something to look forward to all day, something to smile and jump about! Gabriel asks all day long for candles? candles? As he points to the advent wreath. As soon as the candles are lit, he says book, as he gets excited about reading the Advent book as a family, then he and his tall daddy reach up to get his advent pocket (most likely a small sucker inside) and then he dances with abandon to a Christmas song, which usually about half way through he says "low" which means blow, as in blow out the candles - which he does with some help of one of his parents. Can we all dance with abandon over Advent?

2. Sesame Street is really what it is all about. Gabriel is allowed to watch one program on TV a day - and that is Sesame Street. I haven't watched it in years - but wow I learned about letters yesterday from Law and Order: Special Letters Unit complete with the Bong Bong noise and learned about how a door works with Grover on Amazing Makeovers: Home Edition today. Can we all find learning this fun?

3. Grilled Cheese is made enjoyment. Gabriel is a picky eater, and doesn't like to eat in general - except for maybe the healthier version of goldfish crackers. But hey, grilled cheese is good for us. How can we not like comfort food?

4. Clean Up is better if you sing. Whenever Gabriel wants to play a new game or a new toy (which is about every 5 minutes, he is 2 what can you expect)he starts singing his clean up song (Clean Up, clap clap, Clean Up...) and puts stuff away! If only I could take his advice! How can I not?

5. Friends make everything better. Every Wednesday morning, several kids and moms come over to Gabriel's house to have music and dance time. After several hard days, Gabriel smiled when his friend Ben came. Again, can we dance with abandon with friends?

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