Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas letter

FAQs of Jim and Krista
Christmas 2007

Who are you? Jim is still a computer geek, and Krista is still seeking world peace including an end to classism and racism.

What is different about you this year than any other year? Oh, let us count the ways…
We now file taxes together – we got hitched, married, tied the knot in April. Krista is still amazed about how wonderful being in love is – you know her always analyzing why that might be. Jim enjoys the comfort of being in love and taking care of still fiercely independent Krista.
Jim started working for Chase Bank’s computer technology customer service through a long term temporary work agency (oxymoron, we realize) in May, he is still there and it looks like Chase likes his work enough to hire him full time in January. If not, he will be placed in another computer customer service job then.
After Jim moved into Krista’s apartment, we moved together to a new apartment in October. We now live seriously 30 seconds from Krista’s office and our church in East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. We both like being more involved in the neighborhood and knowing more of our neighbors. Even if some the neighbors never stop saying to Jim – “Oh, you must be Krista’s husband”.

Go anywhere interesting this year? We spent a several day honeymoon in Krista’s favorite city, Chicago. We went on several weekend trips to Michigan, Ohio and around Illinois. Krista did a lot of traveling for work: Denver, Atlanta, Indiana, Louisville, St. Louis, and probably places she has forgotten. Krista also traveled with Christian Peacemaker Teams to Palestine in January.

So other than work, what do you all do? Krista’s gut response to the question – there is life outside of work? She just likes to do her work, but she is happily allowing Jim to show her ways of relaxation.
We both like to watch movies of all different types from The Simpson’s Movie to What Would Jesus Buy?.
Jim has taken on the task to host movie night at our church, Krista continues to serve on the board and occasionally preaches and generally does stuff around church.
Krista continues to love to bake bread and invent soups; Jim continues to like to eat what Krista invents.
Krista and Jim enjoy “renting a kid” aka babysitting or hanging out with Joslyn and Gabriel – two 2 year olds that we love watching grow even if they tell us “no” when we ask them questions like “Would you like me to help you?” or throw themselves down in Ikea and scream.

May this Christmas bring you the chaos, excitement, and wonder of the first – may the next year be a seeking of what God puts in front of you and us.

Seeking peace and love,
Krista and Jim

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Anonymous said...

Krista and Jim,
Loved your blog! Happy Holidays.

Aunt Barb